Cooking Catering and Event Management

Let me start by saying with ALL onsite served services we will bring one of our trailers and make your event the coolest thing going.  WE COOK ON SITE. All our food is served hot and fresh. We dont bring boxes of plated food cooked hours ago that is dry and has no taste.

Maximum Flavor =Maximum Satisfaction.

Now for the services.

Cookin is just cookin.   We Still bring one of our trailers but beyond that you supply everything and all we do is cook

If we cater your gig we do everything food.   We provide all food, charcoal, firewood, propane, storage containers, cooking utensils, pots, pans, plates, silverware, cups, napkins, garbage bags, and whatever else your party needs.  We also do the meal planning, the shopping, the prep work and setup, the cooking, the serving and the cleanup.  Our catering services will take the massive burden of food preparation away from you and allow you to be the life of YOUR party.  Imagine....you don't have to worry about anything, we pretty much do it all.

 If we manage your event we do it all.  Everything included in all services plus....We take care of the entertainment, the seating, the bar, the tent, the games, the other vendors if there are any, permits, advertising, labor and all the other thing you need to run your event properly.

Catering and cooking menu
We offer an eclectic  southern menu with a flare for Louisiana. Our specialties include smoked meats, Creole and Southern.  We cook old family recipes  that are simple and hearty and bursting with flavor.

Beef    -
    Ribeye steaks, Whole Ribeye Roast,  Fillet Mignon,  Beef loin roast, Kabobs, Brisket, Chicken fried steak, 1/3 lb hamburgers,  Bratwurst,  franks, meat loaf
Pork    -    Pork loin steaks,  Pork chops, Whole pork loin, Baby back ribs, Spare ribs, Boston butt Roast,  Pull pork for sandwiches, smoked sausage,  hot dogs,
Chicken    -    Whole, (smoked or BBQ) Grilled pieces, (spicy, BBQ, lemon pepper, garlic pepper)  Deep fried pieces

Turkey    -    Whole smoked or deep fried
Fish  & seafood  -    Smoked, Grilled, deep fried fish,  grilled bacon wrapped shrimp or scallops, grilled lobster, fried shrimp,  shrimp scampi, salmon croquets
    -    Tacos, (beef chicken and brisket), enchiladas, pork wraps, fajitas, quesadillas, burritos
Cajun    -    Gumbo (chicken and sausage or seafood), jambalaya, e'toufe', andouille and boudin sausages, red beans and rice, dirty rice
Southern Soul food    -    Turnip greens with ham,  Black eyed peas with ham,  Pinto beans with ham
Soups    -    Cajun chili, regular chili with beans, vegetable beef, chicken noodle,  tomato noodle, cheesy potato

Breakfast    -    Bacon, Canadian bacon, patty sausage, link sausage, smoked sausage, scrambled eggs, Grits several ways, biscuits, hash browns. Pancakes

Finger foods

French Fries 3 ways …...4 flavors of Nachos …...Smokeys………..Onion Rings ……..Drumsticks …….Cold Cut & Veggie Trays…………Cheese Sticks…..4 Meat Ball Types …...  3 Different Wings………..Hush Puppies…...Guacamole  & Chips ……Chicken Tenders ……….Salsa & Chips……….Corn and Bean Dip…..


Mixed Veggies … Fried Corn … Corn on the Cobb …     Cole Slaw… Several Bean Types ... 2 Green Salads …      Mac and Cheese Casserole ...  Pasta Salad ... Baked taters … Several Rice Types ... Fruit Salad … Brown and white gravy ... Mashed taters ... Tater Salad  … Sautéed mushrooms and onions



Lemon Cake ... Several Iced Cakes … Rum Cake……..Chocolate Saturation Cake ...Triple Layer Dessert                    Chocolate Chip Cookies ... Oatmeal Raisin Cookies     And our Famous Redneck Dessert Crackers





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