Fund Raising

Shermie’s is committed to helping  raise  monies for good causes.  Our programs are designed to help many organizations such as school PTO’s,  churches, bass clubs,  baseball and softball leagues and many more.   Our programs can be used as standalone fund  raisers or they can be added on to an existing event.  We have 2 kinds of fundraising opportunities for you.  We can do one or both depending on your needs.   Our programs can significantly improve your fund raising bottom line.  We do most of the work, and best of all  you have NO stand alone costs involved; in fact there is NO COST and NO RISK to your organization.

Fundraiser 1 - To go packs. 

We provide a custom menu of items for you to pre-sell.  We can do anything on our catering menu but our specialty is whole smoked meats and sides.  Basically its a good old fashioned "butt sale".    We provide you simple paperwork.  Your organizaion makes the sales and collects the money at the time of sale and that’s it.  Your organization receives its portion prior to the event and we take it from there.  We will have all orders packaged and ready for pickup at the location of your choice. Or for a small added fee we can arrange for delivery.  With any unclaimed orders the customer is called the following day.  The customer has 3 days to pick up the order from our location or it is donated to a local charity of your choosing. 

Fundraiser 2    -     Event day culinary enhancements

Does your event have food? If not let us add that dimension to it. An event with food has a broader appeal and will draw more people.  More people = more money spent. We come in and do everything.  We use our Professional Vending system to provide a custom menu .  And you get a piece of the pie.   If your event does have food let us augment it. We do this in 2 ways.  We can bring a trailer and set up to cook items not offered by your vending.   OR we can provide ready to serve items that you can offer through your vending. 
No matter which way you use our services we will make your job easier, make your event better and make you more money.


We are dedicated to helping you help others through
responsible fund raising


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